My name is Martin Kwakernaat. I hail from a small city in the southern part of the Netherlands, known as Breda. I am a professional photographer. Besides taking pictures, I love adventure and as a result, travel a lot. Travelling helps me see the world from different perspectives and get to capture these moments to share with the world.

Education and Early Life
Since I was a child, I have always loved photography. The art of capturing beautiful moments, and the ability to do it perfectly, for me, is a gift I am greatly thankful for. Photos are my way of communicating and expressing myself to the world. I get to share my experiences with my friends and family through photos.

For the most part, my photography skills are self-taught. I, however, did attend Amsterdam University for additional photography training before I took up photography as a profession. It’s a profession that I am totally and deeply in love with; I’m at my best behind the lenses. Getting lost behind the lenses and getting to capture people and moments in their most natural state is what I love to do.

I run a successful professional photography business. I have a long list of repeat clients; my business is successful mostly because I love what I do and I am the best at it. I derive joy and fulfilment from helping people capture beautiful moments and safeguarding the joyful memories with a photograph. It has been an amazing journey and a fruitful career for me.

My most cherished memories have come from the time I have spent with my clients as well as other people taking pictures. Every day I help someone capture a beautiful memory is a win in my book. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s true, but the saying didn’t make sense to me until I learnt how to take photos and took it up as a career.

Family and Hobbies
Besides photography, my other hobbies include travelling and fishing. I am a lover of adventure and I get that through traveling. I am not married, and no children either. I live in Amsterdam where I have established my photography business where my clients can find me.