The impulse for human beings to save recorded memories is a powerful force. It’s interesting that when we are in a panic mode, rather than going for valuable jewellery and other pricey items in our homes, most people will run for their photos. Go ahead, ask anyone! The chances are that most of us will run to rescue our photo albums and computers containing digital images when it comes to saving possessions from a burning house. Such situations illustrate our insatiable desire to distil our most precious memories into images, which goes on to highlight the role of photography in our lives.

The Role of Photography in Our Lives

Photography plays a very important role in our lives. It reminds us of where we’ve come from, which helps us appreciate where we are and keep us focused on where we are headed. I am Martin Kwakernaat, a professional Dutch photographer based in Strijen, Western Netherlands in the province of South Holland. I love adventure and taking pictures. What can I say? I love seeing the world from many different perspectives, and for that reason, I travel a lot. But I also love sharing what I see with the rest of the world – people who don’t have the opportunity to explore as much as I do.

In my adventures across the world, I have captured extraordinary landscapes and the natural beauty of the world that we live in, from different angles. But that’s not all; I guess you can say I’m a Jack of all trades especially when it comes to matters photography. When I am not out experiencing the beauty of nature from different perspectives, I am taking on different photography projects with established brands such as Sir Jackpot and Ferrari.

The Business of Photography

Photography is my business, and I am an acclaimed photographer – my work has been lauded by clients as nothing short of perfection. And no, this is not mere self-praise. My portfolio speaks for that. I know just how to capture the perfect moment and I have the skills to do exactly that. For instance, sometime last year, I had an opportunity to participate in Ferrari launch event in Italy.

That’s kind of a big deal; it’s an event that would be a dream come true for many professional photographers. It’s a big event with amazing venues, stunning décor and what have you, but the car itself will always be the star of the show without a doubt. It’s all about the cars and the amazing showrooms. Many people have a special kind of attraction to sports cars – Ferrari being one to the most popular brand out there.

Client Portfolio

An opportunity to get into one of Ferrari’s showrooms is one to die for. The experience, I can tell you for sure, is phenomenal. The sight of so many Ferraris under one roof is exciting, and only an accomplished photographer can capture the image that conveys the same exhilaration to the person seeing it on a photograph. Many who share the love I have for these awesome creations know what I am talking about.

I am also involved in other corporate events photography in the Netherlands and other parts of the world. I have been invited to take photos in a corporate event sponsored by the renowned mrgreen online casino.  where you can claim a mrgreen casino no deposit bonus and start playing American Roulette. The launch event was held in 2016, which was a well-planned corporate event – very well organized. There was so much beauty to capture. Besides premium corporate events, I also take family photos as well as wedding photos with the latest being a wedding on a luxury yacht in Monaco.

Another big project I am currently working on is a portfolio for one of the biggest cryptocurrency companies in the world called Binance. They asked me to come over to their headquarters in Singapore and make photos of their offices and operations. They also have several other office abroad like for example Malta and France. There bread and butter is Forex trading and cryptocurrencies.